Tuesday, January 31, 2006

i'm confused

so who's this guy going after?

adult men who have sex with underage girls?
or the prom king and queen who get it on under the bleachers? huh? i don't get what this guy's prosecution is supposed to stop.

and...let's say he's successful in prosecuting teenagers for having sex. what's next? hm. i can totally see some nutbag going just one step further and saying premarital sex, no matter your age, should be illegal.

wanna bet?

Trial Opens in Challenge to Law Over Teenage Sex - New York Times


greg said...

I'm thinking it's time we outlawed Kansas. Enough is enough.

ding said...

i think they should secede. i don't understand their grasp of constitutionality.

of course, i could be completely wrong in assuming that making consensual contact between two teenagers is unconstitutional...

am i?

ding said...

uh, i meant making consensual contact between two teenagers illegal is unconstitutional