Wednesday, February 01, 2006

to obey is better than sacrifice

i remember those words most clearly from a keith green song. i know they're from the bible but i remember the keith green lyrics better.

i'm having a little bit of a problem with obedience right now. obedience to patience, obedience to Another's will, obedience to all sorts of things. this lenten season is going to be completely void if i don't buckle down.

but you know what? i find it really strange that i'm feeling this pressure to 'buckle down' when there's really not that much flying out of control! i dumped a pseudo-boyfriend, i'm a total workaholic, i'm frugal and prudent and such. what's making me think that there's more to latch down? what's left to latch?

anyway, below is a post on obedience from Hugo, the b'sphere's resident manly feminist with a tattoo.

Hugo Schwyzer: A note on obedience


john patrick said...

that was a really good post on why progressives support gay marriage. too bad the comments got hijacked.

Home Church said...

I love Keith Green!
KG's music has influenced me more than anything else on the planet almost. I have listened to him for so long. He has also influenced me as a musician, to be very honest and real in my lyrics. Actually, I'd be honored if you'd check out my music on my site. Its very, "Keithish."
Thanks for posting,
"All of my music is free for download."