Friday, January 13, 2006

am i a heretic?

apparently, i am a Chalcedon compliant. i have no idea what that is, but good to know i'm not a heretic. my dad would be relieved.

from the rev gal pals here.


john patrick said...

Heresy is relative.

I scored as Chalcedon compliant as well, so the Inquisition can bite me.

jesus chick said...

CGal - i'm surprised you scored as chalcedon compliant - since it has the word 'compliant' in the sentence. ha ha ha

i scored the same although i have no idea what it means or if i answered some of the questions "correctly".

i sent the quiz to my pastor and told him i wanted to know if he was a heretic. we'll see.

Jon said...

I believe it means you believe in accordance with the church council of Chalcedon in 451 AD, an attack against heresies of the day.

It looks like my independent baptist church trained me well to be a good little catholic. I'm Chalcedon compliant also.

ding said...


i remember some other quiz i took to get on Bad Christian's blogroll - and there, I was a quasi-marxist secular humanist! go figure.

there is a multitude within me.

ding said...

you can find the biblical worldview test here:

if you get a perfect score you get a certificate! (i so failed this test, it was hilarious.)

john patrick said...

Did you fail a good test, or did you succeed in representing yourself in a flawed test?

Here are my scores:
Your classification is: Socialist Worldview Thinker

Your score is: 31 points of 170 possible, 18%

And that's exactly what I wanted.

They could have called the test, "Aren't you a big fat right wing conservative, intolerant charissstian?"

ding said...

i failed their test but happily passed my own. i'll take pseudo marxist secular humanist over weird intolerant bible guy any day. (i wish i could find my scores. they were worse than yours.)

john patrick said...

I remember back in college when the Scientologists would stand on the corner of 45th and University, asking people if they wanted to take a FREE! personality test.

To be honest, I only scored as high as I did because I answered party-line Catholic answers when it came to the Trinity and the divinity of Christ.

I really don't care to theorize the true nature of God. There are clues in the Bible, but they're just clues, and whether they are explanatory or merely descriptive is something fools can argue about. I'm more interested in the part where it says feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the prisoners . . .