Monday, January 02, 2006

just doing it: a resolution

this year, there's only one: *make an effort.*

i was a little lazy last year (except about work). i let all my relationships get a little sidetracked, i kind of slumped on my spritual butt. i coasted, frankly. but this year will be different. i will Make an Effort.

a broad resolution like this one is handy in practically any situation: walking to work, talking to boys, working on a project, going to church, sitting through a com'tee meeting. just imagine how much more useful we'd be if we all just Made an Effort.

rather than make a copious list of every single one of my failings, which will ultimately depress and anger me, this catch-all resolution will spur me to virtuous heights across the board, don't you think? don't you?



jesus chick said...

okay so mine is going to be something along the lines of *be less lazy*. my mighty fine husband bought me a book last yr titled American Heroines by Kay Bailey Hutchinson (don't jump to conclusions) which chronicled the lives of women from the 1800's and their modern day counter parts. Example: (1800s(Ann Raney Coleman, Jane Long, Mary Baker Eddy, Sarah Winnemucca; (modern day) Beverly Sills, Geraldine Ferraro, Jane Friedman etc.

these 1800 women were able to accomplish SO MUCH! one would think that with all the modern time saving devices we have, we/i'd be able to accomplish so much more than i do. what's the problem? am i just lazy? i feel like i need to plow a field or bake a pie from scratch.
what are your thoughts? on the whole, do you think women are as industrious as their former 1800 counterparts? i'm talking general women, not the power corporate types. has technology helped me be who i really am? a lazy lump? ;)

ding said...

my mom used to tell us stories of what chores were like when she was growing up in her village. (literally, a village.)

wake up
feed the animals
kill the animals you were going to eat that day
make breakfast for the menfolk
clean house, do laundry (you had to go to the river)
make lunch for the menfolk
clean house, plan for evening meal
make dinner for the menfolk

basically, domestic life in the 50s in the philippines revolved around meal preparation. my sister and i were horrified. the thought of 24 hours a day going to making cooking things from scratch made me secretly vow never to move to a village.

i think women now are totally industrious. i mean, make a list of what you do on an average day to take care of your family. i bet that list is chock full of stuff that needs to get done and you're the only one to do it. you're so not lazy.