Friday, January 06, 2006

shut up, pat robertson: part 100

Robertson Suggests Stroke Is Divine Rebuke - New York Times

i want to be pat robertson.
i want to dress up in my robe, stand outside of my apartment and blather insanity to the worldwide media. i just want to be able to say anything, no matter how crazy, and then get it repeated everywhere, even insignificant blogs like this.

i want to be able to have a straight line into the mind of God, too. that would be neat. God and i could have lots of conversations about geopolitical current events. then, i could dress up in my robe again, go outside and tell you all about it.

that wouldn't be crazy at all.


greg said...

Maybe allowing Pat Robertson to make a fool of himself in such a public way for all these years is God's divine retribution against Pat Robertson. Not that I believe God works that way, but since Pat apparently does....

FleshPresser said...

I posted on this, too, against my better judgement:

It just strikes me that there's got to be some way to have his show removed from the public airwaves, in the same way he has done for all these years now....

jesus chick said...

i'm not sure what's more whacked: the stuff he says -actually out loud- or that there are probably a lot of *christians* who actually agree with him but keep it to themselves. that's a scary prospect.

ding said...

have you heard about the Justice Sunday 3 that's happening this weekend? i think robertson is a part of that, too. there are going to be a lot of people who agree with robertson and his ideas.

having grown up with that kind of rhetoric all my life, i totally know what he's talking about, but there's just something so crazy about his ideas. and it seems to me like he uses christianity like a crystal ball - a tarot reading. that seems wrong to me.

greg said...

What he's doing is appropriating God's authority for himself. People have been doing that forever. Heck, in the old days they just eliminated the middle man and had themselves declared gods. At the end of the day, only God has God's authority - not any church, not any scripture, not anyone. I think that the Kingdom of God would be a lot closer if we could all keep that in mind, but of course it's not as easy as it sounds.

Malott said...

First, I disagree with what Mr Robertson said about Sharon.

Secondly, I believe that Mr Robertson has been used by God to do many great things for the Kingdom.

And, the opinions of a 75-year-old preacher, concerning Old testament teachings and current events, is reported as news only because it suits the secular media’s agenda to report it as news.

How do we handle Pat Robertson? We disagree with him publicly and defend him personally as we would our own brother. . . because he is.

But it sounds as if I'm in the minority here.

I like your site and will return.

ding said...

i have no doubt that robertson loves jesus with all his heart and mind, etc. but if he wants to make us think that he's just this soft, christian fella who wants to feed the children, then he's doin' it the wrong way.

his intrusion into the political world and using his very skewed and reactionary theology to back it up makes him problematic to me. and his being head of a global media christian empire does nothing to soothe me, either. it may be the secular media quotes him, but it's not exactly like mr. robertson is a shrinking violet whispering crazy nothings to just his invisible best friend in the quiet of his bedroom.

he's broadcasting all over the world - for a purpose. is the purpose to further the kingdom of god or is it toi further something else? i think his ministry is full of pride, self-aggrandizement, arrogance, bloodthirstiness and greed. are these the gifts of the kingdom?

i think not. but, hey, glad you liked it here! stop back often!

ding said...

when you look at someone's quotes you are totally taking them out of context. i understand this.

BUT. i googled robertson, trying to get a good idea of things he's said. and i have to say, the man likes to chat. about everything.

(yes, it said positive atheism. they did a good job collecting quotes! it's thorough!)

john patrick said...

Pat Robertson represents a great arguement for preserving the separation of Church and State.

I have a hard time with Chris Malott's call to defend our brother Pat personally. He's taken a stance against the peace process in Israel/Palestine and insulted a dying man.

I can respect him as a pastor, maybe even as an evagelist, but he's not the prophet he thinks he is. At this point, it seems like he's just being provocative to stay in the limelight. Like Madonna in the 80s.

Shut up, brother Pat. You are embarassing yourself.

In the paraphrased words of Hugo Chavez, "Pat who?"

ding said...

i think it's a version of 'hate the sin, love the sinner.' i.e., hate pat's craziness but give pat a pass for being crazy.

ehhh, i don't think so. while i don't hate pat and have empathy for his misguided fundamentalist position, i think what he's saying is crazy and borders on the paranoid. again, if it was just theology he was spouting, i wouldn't care - it's his theology. but he's trying to turn theology into public policy and that affects everyone. that's what's dangerous about his ideas and i can't give him a pass for that.