Tuesday, January 31, 2006

sad day in munchkin land

craptastic. alito was confirmed.
what to look forward to: an out of control executive branch and a country that swerves a little bit closer to theocracy.
let's all say a collective goodbye to our uterus.

come on, God, where's that fiery meteor i've been waiting for?!?

and sad. coretta scott king died last night.


Anonymous said...

oh no, what a sad day for Christians everywhere! Their country is conforming to the will of their God!!! Oh wow, a theocracy, God is cyring right now. You know God never really wanted to be worshipped or have an entire nation bow to him, what a sad day indeed...


ding said...

you know, it's an incredibly sad time when christian thinking is THIS facile. what don't people like you understand about the separation of church and state? what don't you understand about the difference between civil liberties and spiritual ones?

please tell me how a theocracy is good in a pluralistic democracy. please. astound me with your acumen.

no? didn't think so. (next time, have the courage to leave your name.)