Wednesday, January 25, 2006


who's he? he's this guy.

he's hasidic and his live show at stubb's rocks. he's coming to chicago in march and i'm so so so there.

i don't know how to describe it. yeah, it's reggae but it's reggae about (i can't put it any other way) the old testament. it's apples and oranges to compare him to a christian artist (and i haven't listened to christian music since amy grant and russ taff crossed over - yuck) but it reminds me of listening to my parents' ken medema and keith green records when i was a kid.

i listened to 'king without a crown' in virgin and it was like my insides boiled.

his music feels like gospel.


Wasp Jerky said...

He was here a few months back with Pigeon John. I wasn't there but I just thought I'd throw that out.

ding said...

well, he's comin' back!
and i'm there.
(i have no idea who Pigeon John is.)

greg said...

It is weird that daughter number 2 played "King w/o a Crown" for me the same day that you posted. I guess he's an item. I have to confess that I don't go in so much for praise music - it seems a bit too easy - way easier than having to actually get off one's butt and help the poor and the hungry. Still, it's a good song.

Here's a question: does the title of the song in any way refer to the fact that his is singing about God but not Jesus?

Wasp Jerky said...

Pigeon John is a rapper from L.A. He used to be part of an underground rap group called L.A. Symphony. He's gotten a lot of mainstream press (Spin, Entertainment Weekly, etc.) lately and I think it's been glowing for the most part.

ding said...

is he praise music? i guess i don't think of him like that. i'd only heard about this hasidic guy who sings reggae and picked it up after i listened to it.

i thought about the same thing, too. his music seems to come out of a specific jewish context - a specific religious, jewish context. his vernacular isn't 'christian' at all. but it still speaks to me as such.

Immortal Yeti said...

Matisyahu is a straight up Hasidic Jew singing about his faith. It's not praise music, it's reggae mainstream but he's not afraid to sing about God. How can you expect a hardcore Jew to sing about Jesus? Any Christian would do well to learn about Judaism... their customs, festivals and their faith because it's our roots... and it also all points to Jesus. If only they could see it! Pigeon John is an underground hip-hop/rap artist who just happens to be a Christian. He's fun, funny, but not afraid to rap about real life stuff.