Monday, October 03, 2005

we're doomed.

let me get this straight:
the highest court in the LAND and you pick someone who's NEVER been a judge!!

(and who says republicans don't believe in affirmative action? oh, right, it's not affirmative action - it's 'loyalty.')


Wasp Jerky said...

You're honestly not surprised, are you? Remember what ol' Brownie did before he was in charge of FEMA.

Anonymous said...

I dunno..scotus appointments are pretty important, but what I view as a much bigger problem is the american people who, in aggregate, don't really care much for the process and who allowed/fostered things to become what they've become.

the chimp will someday leave, but we are SADDLED with those fools.


ding said...

y'know kevin - i sort of am. i try to be jaded and cynical about our gov't but there's a part of me that still believes in it. and i'm still STUNNED when things like this happen.

cuz you can't write this shit!! this is the most absurd administration i've ever seen! it's like a really long tom wolfe novel, you know? or a less smart joseph heller.

i should congratulate them for having the ability to addle my carefully constructed Gen X ennui.

ding said...

and you're right, a-non. we don't demand that our gov't give us better. we don't demand that they do the right thing. we don't demand that SOME kind of standard of perfection be reached - or at least make the fucking effort, you know?

Anonymous said...

She's certainly underqualified, but it's hardly unprecedented for a non-judge to be nominated for the SCOTUS. Something like 1/3 of all the justices who've sat on the court were not judges previously.

ding said...

very true. rhenquist was similarly underqualified.

(love that word - underqualified instead of unqualified.)

but should that be what we're going for? we have higher standards for who gets tenure.

Anonymous said...

well, she certainly has one extra-special qualification: she's the pretzeldunce's legal council and won't hork over information about what the little prince has done, and may well vote in certain ways to promote his interests...

bush does have a...special relationship with the Court going all the way back to December of 2000.

sum guy

ding said...


it really burns me that the rules of 'fair play' don't even get a superficial nod with this administration.