Monday, October 10, 2005

Bush Works to Reassure G.O.P. Over Nominee for Supreme Court - New York Times

Mr. Specter said that did not mean he would go easy on Ms. Miers at the hearings. "Absolutely not. It would be a disservice to the selection process and to her," he said. "She's got to win her wings."

earn her wings...

just so we're clear that the brouhaha about miers isn't (shh) sexism, let's just see if anyone else earned their wings:

john roberts, chief justice of the united states. wing earner?
george w. bush, president of the united states. wing earner?
michael brown, FEMA ex-director. wing earner?
dick cheney, vice president of the united states. wing earner?

i'm drawing a blank on more winged men; somebody help me out.


Anonymous said...

See, that's the old guard...that whole notion of working and making yourself capable and knowledgeable, and *gasp* making a contribution.

The ethos now is getting over. The more necks you step on the better, and if you can pervert a culture, a religion, a people in the process, even the better still.

the rove 'anger points' have done their job well in a land where people would sell themselves down the river just to nurture their own sick fears.

ding said...

it's sad that we've done this to ourselves.