Thursday, October 27, 2005

poor harriet: wrong (straw) man for the job

Miers Withdraws Nomination for Supreme Court - New York Times

Now that the burden of this woman has been lifted from the administration, how much you wanna bet a man, a very scary man – even scarier than poor mediocre harriet – will pop up and get the post, thus unifying the right, terrifying the left and basically screwing all of Creation in the process?

Hm? Any takers? Any?


greg said...

Seems pretty inevitable, doesn't it? And you and I will be living with it for decades. Whee Ha!

MEP said...

That's what I've thought for a while now. Then he can say, "Sorry, I tried a woman and it didn't work."

If it's not a scary man it will be scary Judge Janice Brown or Pricilla Owens and he can say, "Sorry, I tried a moderate, it didn't work."

ding said...

i'm going with a man.

you can't really trust a woman, even when you think she's going to toe the line. just when you think you can depend on her, she'll turn moderate on you and then where will you be?