Friday, September 30, 2005

modest proposal, pt 2: bill bennet, please shut up

White House Criticizes Bennett for Remarks - New York Times

bill says:
"I was pointing out that abortion should not be opposed for economic reasons, any more than racism or for that matter slavery or segregation should be supported or opposed for economic reasons," he said. "Immoral policies are wrong because they are wrong, not because of an economic calculation. One could just as easily have said you could abort all children and prevent all crime, to show the absurdity of the proposition."


In an interview with Fox News, Mr. Bennett said critics had distorted his comments by omitting his statement that aborting all black babies would be "morally reprehensible."

"When that is included in the quote, it makes it perfectly clear what my position is," Mr. Bennett said, "They make it seem as if I am supporting such a monstrous idea, which I don't."

but, funny, though he 'easily' could have said so, he didn't say that one could abort all children and prevent all crime. he says black babies. (equating blackness and crime and being generally offensive and dumb all at the same time); and saying that it's reprehensible (which had been included in all the transcripts) doesn't take away from the fact that he SAID IT.

no give backs. no do-overs. you SAID it, Bill.

(hey, let's play the bill bennet game! i'll go first: we could prevent all rape by aborting all male babies. of course to do so would be wrong, but it's a thought, right? or, we could stop all terrorism by aborting all muslims. or, we could stop homophobia by isolating the gay gene and aborting all gay babies. wow. this is a fun game once you get started. thanks, bill!)


Anonymous said...

for a moment, let's forget what bennett said, and reflect on the White House response.

As I heard it, all they offered was "Inappropriate."

Huh? "Inappropriate??"

Dudes: "Inappropriate" is, say, farting at a formal dinner, or screaming out an Ex's name during coitus.
A remark of this type deserves nothing less than vigorous condemnation (the kind where veins pop and spit flies).

For the WH to offer merely "inappropriate" really sez to me that they'd rather he not said it, but it's really no big whoop.

Yeah. Suggesting that black babies be killed no big whoop.

So much for christian values and 'honor and dignity' in the White House.

guy reader

ding said...

exactly; they think it's bad form, but...basically no big deal.

it's so weird how this white house response to everything is flat affect, you know?

like when you're talking to someone who's not altogether there.

they've never been able to respond appropriately to anything. not in tone and not in act.

Pastor John said...

If this pastor ever wanted to really slap a old warn our dude, it would be billy boy for simply being a poor example of what stupidity looks like.

Brandon said...

Is it possible that we could stomp out all stupidity by isolating the 'conservative' gene and heading all those babies off at the pass?

Just a thought.

ding said...

i'm afraid the stupid gene is resistant to stamping out.

we're left with it.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, ding..history bears your statement out.

At the risk of sounding inflammatory, just do a skin-color check on the greatest war mongers and criminals in history.

It ain't the brown people who have a lot of 'splainin' to do.

sum white guy

ding said...

well, there's plenty to spread around (dictators and tyrants come in all colors) - but yes, unfortunately, it's not lost on me that history would be vastly different if, say, everyone had just stayed in their own neighborhood.