Tuesday, October 04, 2005

handmaiden's tale: far-fetched? not in indiana

THIS is ... (sputter) incredible! absolutely incredible!

this CANNOT be constitutional! omg. i can't tell you the freaky alleys my mind is walking down right now because of this news.

do the words unethical, unconstitutional, invasive, wrong, bio-fascist and none of your business mean anything to a wingnutter?


jesus chick said...

wow. i might be a wingnutter whose wardrobe now consists of a t-shirt titled "buttscabs of the world unite" but even this is a bit of a stretch.

ding said...

you know, i don't consider you a wingnutter. it's because you live in minnesota. people are sane in minnesota.

in indiana, people are clearly crazy.

Wasp Jerky said...

See, ding, now that shocks me. Looks like I'm not completely cynical yet.

JJ said...

Oh dear God... I think I'm just done with it now... stop the world... I'm getting off.

MEP said...

Not everyone in Indiana is crazy - I don't know ANYONE who supports this assanine bill and hopefully it won't go anywhere.

Didn't mean to steal a post idea from ya, churchgal, but I saw your post and had to look up more info on the bill (b/c I live here and wanted to know what the heck they were doing). Clearly I had to post about it.

Wasp Jerky said...

I came close to posting about this also, and still might. But you're safe for now, mep. The bill has apparently been dropped.

ding said...

mep - you are welcome to the post. this sputtering was all i could manage.

and yay that it's been dropped.

there are so many things out there that are making my brain burn (and so little time to devote to it) that i'm glad you guys are out there to do the heavy lifting!