Saturday, July 23, 2005

slapped a woman lately?

no, really. have you? if you did, would you expect to go to jail? if you did it repeatedly, escalating into larger acts of violence, would you expect to go to jail then?

if you expect to go to jail, you can thank VAWA for that (Violence Against Women Act.) if you're a woman who's been slapped, beaten or raped, would you expect the law to do something about it and would you expect to get some help besides? if so, you can thank VAWA for that, too.

now why, if VAWA can stop men from killing, beating, raping women and children - if VAWA can save women's lives (and has) - is our new golden boy
john roberts against it? hm.

[more info on VAWA here and here - and, yes, i work for them.]


MEP said...

I have a feeling that we'll find a lot of other examples of things that JR is against that are important pieces of legislation for women.

ding said...

he seems innocuous, but his judicial past is only half the story. the other half is how he thinks he'll rule on things.

(like that legal language, 'things'?)

no, he's not a frothing at the mouth misogynist who says that women all need to be married and stay at home - but do we really need to wait for someone that crazy to pop up to object?

in other words, i agree.