Sunday, July 17, 2005



more than an exclamation from fargo, it's a magazine about to launch in the fall.
having just come back from canada this weekend, i'm a little interested in it.

(and they sent me an email with their press release - an email i finally read today. i thought they were spam.)

anything that has the word 'poop' in it has to be worth a look.


LutheranChik said...

Okay, I'm going to be cranky here...I agree that anyone willing to use "poop" in a theological context is worth reading, but why -- WHY -- when it comes to emergent-esque blogs, 'zines, etc., there are never any women?

What is up with this?

Is it that women do not find emergent theology engaging, or is it that emergent Christians have a patriarchal attitude toward women?

Wasp Jerky said...

They're looking for writers. Why don't you pitch them something?

ding said...

you know, you're asking really great questions. this could be a good discussion. we already know why conservative christians don't let the girls play, but what about these boys? is it sexism? or something else?

i don't see very many women weighing in on this kind of movement. personally, i don't find the emergent church movement very compelling. it smells of a lot of bet-hedging. (and frankly i still don't get the point.)

could it be that the boys who put these movements together just don't know enough girls to get them involved or is it like what's been happening in political bloggerdom - the boys make the game and so control who gets to play? but you'd think that a movement built around the idea that we can envision a different kind of christian orthodoxy (one that takes into consideration cultural context) would have women in more active roles as either thinkers, seeders or whatever.

or is there something about these movements that don't appeal to us, as women? (and if anyone is going to answer this question, women are.)

OR is it, as women marginalized within the church already, we're just so 'yawn-been there, thought that'?

ding said...

so i googled women and emergent church - and found this discussion here: