Friday, July 29, 2005

'if you can read this...': virginity panties

Ship of Fools: Gadgets for God

can it be??

has the christian right finally gotten the hang of (dare i say it) irony???

via lutheranchik.



Josh said...

"No tresspassing on this property: My father is watching"???

Sigh. This is basically my problem with the whole right-wing abstinence movement; they treat sexuality not as a personal choice, or even a moral one, but rather they spin your sexuality as "Property." You must wait for marriage because your virginity is the "property" of your future spouse, and before that it's the "property" of your father.

I think I missed the self-reflexive irony.

john patrick said...

Underwear that is meant to be read. It is meant to be seen by other people.

Also, it clearly marks the contents as :forbidden:, which automatically makes it desireable.

Hey Ding, how about a link to some LDS secret garments?

ding said...

if i can find the secret underwear, then i'd put it here!

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