Monday, July 18, 2005

an essay: This is What Religion Should Look Like

via The Revealer here's an introduction and brief analysis of an article on the church/state dilemma (personally, i don't see the 'dilemma' but ok).

in light of a short thread about 'revelation' v. 'intellectualism' below i thought the revealer's critique of reason (heh) resonated a little bit.

one of the reasons i started this blog wasn't (and never will be) to show how good i am. i'm not good. i'll never write about the sweet soft light that came upon me while i was doing my morning devotional. (like i told my father, i don't write church.) most likely, my morning devotional is going to be a hurried prayer as i rumble to work on the bus, crammed between a short order cook and a bitter hipster. that is, when i remember to have a devotional.

churchgal exists to be a cracking interesting conversation about culture, feminist politics and, oh yes, faith. not necessarily in that order and not necessarily without a healthy dose of snark. over here, that's what religion looks like.


MEP said...

I think one of the biggest problems surrounding the church/state situation is that a lot of people consider it necessary to keep other religions out of the state usin the line that "the US is a Christian nation" which is clearly not supported by church/state separation. And not true either.

Anonymous said...

ding, I like your blog. You remind me of myself in someways. I found your blog doing a search on "churches". that devotion was sent to me and came after I read what Kevin wrote. I know, too churchy for some but oh so truthful.

ding said...

hey, thanks!
i'm still stunned that people actually read these meanderings of mine.