Wednesday, July 20, 2005

mobilize until it hurts

It’s that time again.

Bush made his announcement and the rallying has begun. This morning, between emails and phone calls at the office, I made out checks to Planned Parenthood and HRC. Later, I’ll probably make another donation to another group. I suppose I should pay off my tax bill first, but you know, my priorities are different.

I think of what this country has become because of regressive policies and politics and I shiver; but I am also angry. We’ve become cowed, inured to the idea of helplessness – ‘oh, well, no one is going to do anything anyway. There’s no point.’ That may be. There very well may be no point. But I can’t live like that. I can’t live like there’s no point in fighting back.

So what to do?

Write your representatives – an actual letter with an actual stamp. The staffers in charge of the subject you’re writing about read them and actually pass them on. These matter more than an email or fax. You say you don’t know what to say? Say what you feel: I’m scared of what this person could do to the country; I’m scared of what my life will turn into because of the decisions this person may make; I’m angry that moderation matters less than ideological bullying.

Write your newspapers and religious publications– become that wonky crank and give it your best, simple eloquence. Don't let just one face of faith be seen. Show them yours and make them hear you – and keep writing.

Write the members of the Judiciary Com’tee. And keep writing them.

Write your family and friends – and ask them to pass it along.

Support those groups who wobble on a thin financial line so they can mobilize research and action in opposition to right-wing ideologues.

($20, people. We can spare $20, right?)


jesus chick said...

good idea. i'm going to go send my letters.

MEP said...

That's what people NEED to do, but how many will actually take that initiative? Hmm. That's why Bush is still in office. Hopefully the next 3 years will foster enough dissent that we'll see change in 2008.