Friday, August 03, 2007

wow. prayer really DOES work


my doctor's office just called and told me my surgery (which i was totally freaking out about below) has been cancelled!


because, apparently, i'm so freaking anemic (6.8 out of 11 scale) it scared them and now i have to spend the next 4 months raising my blood levels.

mysterious ways, folks.


Anonymous said...

congrats on being anemic,i guess?

Pearl said...

Blimey. Just don't use this as a reason to spend the next four months freaking out about how you#re going to die and go to Hell. Which you aren't. Unless God turns out to be a complete git, in which case we're all screwed.

ding said...

justme: thanks! really, i know my anemia is serious. thank goodness they caught it in time.

but i am glad i don't have to go under the knife this week. it would have been SO inconvenient.

pearl: i can guarantee my freaking out will markedly decrease ove the next few months then ramp up about two weeks before my rescheduled procedure. i freak out about a lot, actually.

oh, the fun and cognitive dissonance of being raised baptist.

Celeste said...

Did you look into uterine embolization as an option? It can result in a lot less blood loss than surgery. You would need to see an interventional radiologist for it rather than an ob/gyn, but maybe it is a good option for you. One of my friends just had it and was really thrilled with the results. Google it for links to the sirweb site to look for providers in your area if you are interested; I couldn't figure out how to copy and paste a link here.

I really enjoy your blog and have come out of lurkdom to wish you well no matter what path you take.

ding said...

hm. i've never heard of that procedure. i'll have to look that up.

in any case my doc wants me to concentrate on getting more iron so i doubt i could even get dental work done right now.

thanks for delurking!