Tuesday, August 21, 2007

between american princess and bratz, there's jesus toys!

wasp jerky: Toy Story

down in comments, the ever-reliable WaspJerky has brought to my attention the existence of faith-based toys. barbie makes me gag, bratz make me want to hide in a cave and american girl place just makes me tired. i have NOTHING against wholesome toys. i, myself, had a very modest Holly Hobby that i loved until my german shepherd ripped off her head and it had to be repaired. she wore the cutest bloomers!

but wasn't leah the Ugly Sister jacob picked??
so why is the Ugly Sister dark skinned? huh? huh?
i mean, come on - elizabeth is a shiny blonde! when do OT women get to be blonde and fair-skinned??

(how embarrassing it would be if some bible savvy reader discovered a verse in the OT that said something like '...and Leah, who was black as pitch, went to the well and drew water...blah blah blah.')

but that's not what i want to bring to your attention. direct your eyes to Wasp Jerky's mention of the sex shoppe for christian married couples!

tee hee!

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