Wednesday, August 22, 2007

women v. dogs: dogs win The greater outrage
kudos for rick morrissey for writing something that more men need to say. and not just sports writers.

last night Roomie and i were watching the daily show where stewart (love!) ripped on the nfl for their reaction to the vick/dogfighting thing.

Roomie looked over at me and said, ' you know, dogfighting is bad but i don't get all the fuss.'
'i think it has something to do with his role in the dogfighting. he wasn't just a participant but he was, like, crucially involved. the ringleader or something.'

'oh. but i still don't get it. i mean, they're dogs. awful but they're dogs.'
'i know. i think about every pro athlete that's been arrested for beating the shit out of their girlfriends or wives or raping some woman and no one gets all twisted like this.'

Roomie said, 'exactly. bizarre.'
i snorted, 'typical.'

it's typical of an all male bastion of privilege and money protecting itself. oh sure, the big bad men might get a pass for knocking a few teeth out or blacking some woman's eye. he might pay a fine and serve some community service hours but nothing really happens to him. however, kill a pooch and then he loses his fancy contract and serves jail time.

just goes to show you where women are on the big manly patriarchal chain of being, huh?

other stuff:
this is also a pretty good article about pro athletes and the pass our culture gives them when it comes to domestic or sexual assault. this is a better article from the village voice.

in fact, if you want to see some good stuff, just google 'NFL domestic assault' and see what comes up.

and these are some recent news articles that have noticed the deafening silence when women are on the receiving end of some pro athletic pulchritudinous punching.

this is a non-profit formed to educate the public and support women who have been assaulted or raped by college or pro-athletes.

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