Wednesday, August 08, 2007

men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses...

Feministing has a great post about some bullshit article that whines about a 40-year old woman who can't find a man.

are you kidding me??
WHY are people still writing these lameass articles?
why are we still listening to fools who say things like 'smart girls will never be married because they're too smart?'
conversely, why can't i find the article that says 'smart women tell little man-boys to take a flying fuck'?

i mean, please. PLEASE!

aargh. the inherent sexism of our popular culture is almost enough to make me wanna send a stink bomb to some magazines.


Pearl said...

My fuckwit ex (who dumped me for "being too confident and emasculating him") is getting married next week. I finally realised that there is no way on God's earth I'm going to this wedding, and told him so (politely, sadly). In celebration of this fact, I think we should go stink bomb some magazines. You in?


ding said...

pearl, no. did he really say that was the reason he was dumping you??

wow. i mean, just wow.

i wonder if our culture and folks like my dad (whom i love deeply but who doesn't have a clue about women in the 21st century) would be so quick to give fuckwits like your ex a pass if he *really* expressed his insecurity instead of making it to be your fault:

"look, pearl, i need you to be weak and dumb and more feminine because that would make me feel a whole lot better about myself, my penis size and i could compete better with other guys and then i could pretend i have you under my control."

fuckwits, all of them.

Pearl said...

I think you just read his mind. Good Lord I'm glad to be rid of him.

ding said...

i'm glad you're rid of him, too! i can't believe men like him think they deserve women to be partnered with them.

in my own dating history, i may have been/am involved with brilliant, depressed, medicated hermits, but at least they've never seen my brains or confidence as a threat to their feeble masculinity.

(yes, i've been dumped because i am emotionally distant but that's something else entirely different.)

Pearl said...

I've just had an email from a guy I was dating a few months ago saying that he's reaffirmed his decision to be a Catholic priest and gone back to seminary. I'm not quite sure what this says about me. I've also decided that next time I need to get out of going to a wedding, I'll find an easier way than breaking both my feet...

Shawna Renee said...

I knew I would marry my husband when he told me I was intellectually sexy. We're both the biggest geeks. There are men who want independent, intelligent women. Articles like this do as big of a disservice to men like my husband as they do to women like us.

ding said...

you're right, shawna.

what man wants to be diminished like this? what man wants to be told that smart is bad? what man wants to be treated like an eternal child?

of course, it doesn't help that almost every woman has a story about a guy who trembles in his boots because he can't deal with a woman who can actually look him in the eye.