Wednesday, August 01, 2007

i don't read Hugo Schwyzer enough and i should. he's thoughtful, smart and takes care of something called a chinchilla. (yeeks.) but he's also one of the rare churchy guys around who writes about women, feminism and modern masculinity in a way that doesn't make me want to get in a black van, roofie a few guys and take a hammer to someone's penis.

(hey. sometimes i get angry. i'm bad. i know that.)

check out his post about male posturing and also his link to this blog that talks about grace and faith and choice. it's not about reproductive choice but whether faith is a choice. it's all very somber and honest and real writing about faith.

ok. now i'm going to leave my office and meet Roomie for a birthday drink.


Wasp Jerky said...

That certainly brings new meaning to the phrase "Stop, hammertime!" Or to getting hammered.

ding said...

reading one of hugo's posts, i became chastised. he wrote that christians are called to think differently and not seek revenge.

sadly, my hammer/penis fantasy is just that. it is a delicious fantasy of gender vengeance. especially when i think about all the asshole men filling the news.

this is disturbing but i've often wondered why women just don't take advantage of the fact we outnumber men significantly. i mean, in those dark angry hours, after reading reports of violence against women (3 rapes on the northside in just a week!), i think about what would happen if women worldwide just decided that we'd had enough with asshats.

to turn feminist vigilante. i think that was a storyline in a wonder woman comic, actually. circe takes wonder woman's powers because she's not avenging women. anyway...clearly, i've had too much champagne.

Wasp Jerky said...

Yeah, I suppose at the end of the day revenge is revenge, whether its rednecks wanting to kill brown-skinned people who vaguely resemble 9/11 hijackers, or a hammer-wielding blogger from Chicago. Wise words indeed.

Have you ever read that Y: The Last Man comic? I haven't, but it's about the last two males on earth, one a human and the other a monkey.

ding said...

my Roomie collects the trade paperbacks. i haven't read all of them but it's a good series. apparently, they're turning it into a movie and we dread them going all hollywood on it: casting impossibly beautiful, weak women, making the last remaing man more important than he is (he's just a vehicle), and removing all the kickass strong female characters who never get screen time.