Thursday, December 15, 2005


my family doesn't see snow in l.a. the way i do: they think it's scary, cold, messy, terrifying. of course, if the temps drop below 60 in l.a. it's time to put on your parka and turn the heat waay up.

i'm home to prep the house for a cocktail christmas party i'm hosting for my office and so that really means i'm avoiding making the fondue and sitting in the turret, staring at the snow flurries like a moron.

i love it.


Sara E Anderson said...

Too bad you can't invite me over. I hate snow but love making fondue.

ding said...

who knew that fondue was so easy??

it's like all those housewives from the 70s really hit on something! here's my recipe:

1.25 cup very very dry (brut) champagne
7 oz gruyere
7 oz ementhaler
8 oz camembert
1 tbsp lemon juice/4 tsp cornstarch
pinch white pepper/generous pinch nutmeg

simmer the shallot/champagne for a few minutes; dump in all the cheese and combine; stir in the lemon juice/cornstarch; stir until it boils (all over a medium fire). season with white pepper/nutmeg transfer to fondue pot.

SO yummy.

ding said...

uh...chop the shallot and grate all the cheese (make sure the camembert is without a rind and chop into cubes.)