Monday, December 19, 2005

what i did this weekend

the holiday party i hosted for my workmates made me unfit for human interaction so i spent the weekend at the cinema. here's my take:

king kong - helpless blonde femaleness sacrificed to appease the questionable lust of a giant primate by dark-skinned natives is never uplifting. however, overly long sequences of rampaging dinosours are always fun.

chronicles of narnia - ok, who DIDN'T have the words to that lame poem, 'Footprints in the Sand', pop into their heads when Aslan left the big coronation? we get it - he's JESUS! and when are the brits going to GET OVER their fascination with all things king richard and hobbit-like? really. just get over it. and HOW LUCKY for the children than narnia is has all their favorite british foods in it, right?

brokeback mountain - sad. sad. depressingly sad. if only they had lived in san francisco or new york...


Wasp Jerky said...

Helpless? She has the power of cartwheels and juggling! Funny, too, how only the white people from the crew survived (though not all of them, of course).

ding said...

ah, but it was clear they died because white people loved them: chinese guy falls to his death despite the french cook's clear affection for him; black guy dies protecting little jimmy. and kong - he dies for blonde beauty!

interracial harmony and love is hard, dude. it can kill you.

LutheranChik said...

I've just been in an extended conversation with some Brits about their favorite foods. Their favorite foods are...scary.

see-through faith said...

Fav british food nowadays is curry :)

but I used to hate the enid blyton famous five - they always found tins of pineapple and lived on the juice adn the fruit

now when di you last find pineapple in a cave or deserted house???

but the Narnia kids were English ... so it's not surprising their taste in food would be English it? lol

ding said...

there's this thing they eat...i forget what it's called but it's brown and gooey and i want to say 'scrapple' but that's american. (ick on that, too.)

i guess i never realized when i was a kid reading TCofN just *how* british everything was. i mean, all the king richard imagery, the cozy british cottage-ness of narnia or everything looking like a ren fair. why couldn't it just look...other? (not that i was expecting americanness, just not so much britishness!)