Tuesday, May 31, 2005

'they made up their own rat pack song!'

Pride and Prejudice (2003)

did you know there's a mormon version of the totally great austen novel?


neither did we when we started to watch it.

(20 minutes into it, after the crucial party scene, i say to my roommate, 'i think this is a church movie.' she says, 'no way.' later, after the heroine chastely rebuffs the rake, i say, 'i bet this was made by the church of latter day saints.' check it out. as movies made for religoius audiences go, it's not...that...bad.)

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DVE said...

My friends and I (all rabid P&P fans) went to see that movie in the theater (in Boise, ID--aka Salt Lake City's backup). We alternately laughed and cried: laughed at the horrific acting and writing, cried at the injustices done to Austen and the painfully stupid ending.