Sunday, May 22, 2005

christian and ivy

Class Matters - Social Class in the United States of America - The New York Times

another in the nytimes series on class - this time, evangelicals and the Ivy League.


Songbird said...

Yes, Christianity is perfectly compatible with wealth and power. Sure it is.
Thanks for posting the link.

jesus chick said...

i read part of it but not all of it. what's the rub here - christians that are making 6 figures or the ivy league thing. i probably should have read it in its entirety. can you provide a summation?

Songbird said...

You're probably asking churchgal, not me, but to my thinking the "rub" is in the idea that Christianity and elite power structures are compatible.

ding said...

exactly. i'm not saying christians shouldn't go to top schools - no. (i'm from the pac 10 and the big 10, so i like my creds.)

but if you read the article and see its pitch toward wealth, class, christianity and the way no one asks if this goal to consolidate earthly christian influence through the halls of power, prestige and elitism is appropriate or 'christian' in itself, then you gotta wonder 'huh'?

i mean, why didn't the reporter ask someone to explain the parable of the rich man and the eye of the needle? that would have complicated things.

a word to journalists going to speak with religious folk: know your bible, people.