Thursday, May 05, 2005

lesson in critical thinking, #1

back in high school, in my humanities practicum, mr takagaki would always ask us "why do you think?" it made us go past the conventional 'common sense' answer and start to probe hidden ideological values. critical thinking, people!!

so i give that question to you here: why do you think they've decided to do this?


Josh said...

That's very Orwellian.

Aren't they the Ministry of Truth?

ding said...

this is why i think my english education back in the 80s rocked. we actually read orwell and when things like this happen, it makes us make the connection between thought-control, fascism and what's happening now.

i think this is the main reason why the american school system is so caught up in testing. testing doesn't ask you to make connections, to see relationships. it just teaches you to 'solve' a problem, be a functionary to a solution. there's only means and end. no relationship between thoughts and ideas and philosophies at all.

thanks for stopping by!