Thursday, May 12, 2005

so happy

the glow still hasn't dissipated (or is that with two p's?). work at Large NonProfit is totally fun and i've already been given a couple of grants to write. terror? yes. excitement? yes. this is exactly why i did what i did - i'm writing, i'm contributing, i'm actually using my education. thank goodness.

of course, check in with me in a couple of months, or even next week, and maybe i'll have a different story. (changing my story has been known to happen...)

blogging will pick up over the weekend when i have a chance to catch up.

meanwhile, have y'all read the stories about david hager? yikes. (will link later.)


Josh said...

That's awesome! It is so much more rewarding to be using your talents and skills than in a job that's not a fit. Congrats.

And that Hagar story is awful. Sigh.

Pastor John said...

So happy that you are so happy. Now enjoy the rest of this happy day. start writing church gal.

Mark said...

congrats ding!

have fun, as I know you will.

best, mark