Friday, May 06, 2005


this story is in the process of developing. apparently a local church revoked memberships and 40 others left the church after 'political tensions' reached a tipping point.

what political tensions? apparently you're not supposed to be a democrat if you go to church.

geez, people.


BlondGirl said...

During the last election, there was a woman sitting behind us in church who actually said that it was impossible to be a Democrat and a Christian at the same time.

Wasp Jerky said...

I always find this funny especially because, in Europe, many Christians feel exactly the opposite. For them, that one could call oneself a Christian, yet have voted for George W. Bush, is baffling. Of course, we all know that only white Americans are Real Christians™, so what's it matter?

Josh said...

They wanted to be known as a Republican church? Is that even legal? I thought you'd lose your charitable status for a stunt like that.

Am I wrong?

ding said...

what makes it sadder is that it shows that church body is devoid of the leadership of the holy spirit. what i mean is that there is no way that a prayerful or thoughtful way to resolve conflict was sought when this is the problem and this is the resolution.

have we christians always been this petty?

Josh said...

The Puritans were fairly petty, and I think they had a hand in founding America. Not sure if any of them were democrats.