Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Church of the Masses

found via the revealer, a blog site about christian filmmaking.

(incidentally, i saw 'exorcism of emily rose' sunday after church. i agreed wholeheartedly with the couple behind me who whispered, 'it's like a possessed law & order.' it took me about half the movie to realize that this was not a horror film; it's a straight up movie about religious belief, suffering and martyrdom. once you see it like that, and not like a vomiting gross-out, then the movie becomes less unsatisfactory.)


LutheranChik said...

"Less unsatisfactory" -- as in "...but it's still worth seeing in the theater," or "Wait for the DVD"?;-) I heard the review on Fresh Air, and the reviewer pretty much panned it.

ding said...

oh, definitely wait for dvd.

but it's not as awful as all that. not a straight horror film, it's basically a church film - maybe not reformed protestant, but it's churchy.

i wonder if non-church folk notice just how churchy it is.