Thursday, September 29, 2005

more, sir? no, enough!

Have you noticed that those of us in the blog-hood seem to be tottering on our last legs lately? Over the past month I keep running across writers who, one by one, have gasped, "It's too much. The world is too much. I can't take it and now I must go."

It has happened. The absurdity and wrongness of this world have finally taken its toll on the best and brightest of us and now we've retreated to our netflix subscriptions, gin and home-brewed beer.

Katrina was probably the breaking point but let's spread the blame around: George Bush, new Republicans, college kids who don't like homework, opt out moms/daughters, reality tv mavens, social conservatives, men's rights activists, maxim readers, status quo humpers, religious fanatics (of all stripes) and plain old stupid people have succeeded in finally sucking the last drop of resistance from us and now, limp with despair, we just want to take our toys back and live in the tree house where we can remember the good old days of 1999. (remember how much fun it was then? shit, even 2001 was more fun than this. at least i was having sex in 2001.)

I don't know about you, but I can't take 3 more years of Bush Co. I can't take a whole lifetime of Roberts and his anti-privacy/women/pro-corporate crap. (yeah, it's not even his first day on the job but let me go on the record: he's going to startle us with his suckage! look at history! it repeats!) I won't be able to withstand middle age railing against some freaky ID advocate who wants us to redefine science to resemble prayer. I won't be able to muster the energy to keep birth control a matter of health and privacy, not religion. I won't be able to stay sane as we morph into a bunch of nationalistic pseudo-christian hopheads.

Maybe this was their plan all along - exhaust us with an unceasing barrage of stupidity, misogyny, various -phobias and -isms until we are so shocked with their audacity we just fold in defeat.

Because I especially won't be able to withstand the continued transformation of the democratic party into oliver twist much longer, either.


zeke said...

well, yeah, it is designed to wear us down, but it's been a long time coming, too.

what I mean is that these buttscabs didn't just appear suddenly in 2000...they've been gathering their forces for decades.

I know that you know this, my point is that we have to keep on keepin' on if we're to combat the forces of e-ville, who've certainly been keepin' on themselves. That's a LOT of momentum. A LOT of empty heads to fill.

We take a break, we yell, we get cranked on beers or martinis, then sharpen our pencils and git right back in the game.

jesus chick said...

who exactly are the buttscabs?

ding said...

um...i already named my buttscabs.

jesus chick said...

what is an opt out mom/daughter?

ding said...

it was a phrase coined about two years ago by a times writer about upper middle class women who dropped out the working world (and these weren't assistants - they had major responsibilities) to stay at home full time.

it became a 'trend' that seriously burned some feminist britches - not because of the stay at home part but because of the bullshit reasons this article made up. 'women don't want to be in charge' 'the work is too hard' 'why should i work to be a role model when i don't even know other women?'. grr. it was infuriating. and a lazy piece of reporting because, hm interestingly, the same article also noted that black women didn't opt out. wonder why??

and then, a couple weeks ago, another article popped up about young women in ivy schools who don't want to work but immediately have babies - even though they're in med school, or law school or b-school.

what's the effing point, then?

but this was also a lazy piece of reporting (three does not make a trend.)