Tuesday, September 20, 2005

grip, pt 2

March of the Conservatives: Penguin Film as Political Fodder - New York Times

someone please tell me that the world has totally flipped on its axis and this article is a joke.

please. please?

(my two cents: MOTP was cute. it was a straight up injection of sugar right into the heart. it was bloodless, deathless and curiously benign. don't know about you, but i grew up with mutual of omaha's nature programming on sunday afternoons. marlon perkins would stroll out in his khakis and hat, say a few words and then we'd see a lioness running down a young wildebeast. now THAT was nature.

and if morgan freeman hints that predators stalk the dedicated penguin then i want to see that weirdo ice vulture bird totally snatch a fuzzy penguin baby and then fly away with its head. predation, people. predation. THAT's nature.)


JJ said...

I guess these conservatives haven't heard about the gay penguins at that zoo, eh?

You can check out an article on them at:

ding said...

i guess not.

or any studies looking at the bonobo.

would love to see a documentary about a highly sexed female monkey community. i know i'd be pleased.

Josh said...

It is interesting to see how they created a narrative, which is completely human and anthropocentric, out of some penguin footage. In my opinion they did an excellent job; it was well shot, and hit all the right emotional notes.

There is an extended "love scene" with romantic music and voice over about monogamy, but we don't really know what the penguins are doing. The movie implies that they're kissing, but who knows. The documentary is a good case study for how we can impose a reading on just about anything we want to.

ding said...

the penguin love scene creeped me out.