Tuesday, October 09, 2007

two articles of note

this editorial was somewhat educational:A Nation of Christians Is Not a Christian Nation - New York Times

as was this one: Aging and Gay, and Facing Prejudice in Twilight.

i thought this pairing gave a nice view of values as practiced in our culture.



AV1021 said...

i don't quite understand what you mean it gave a nice veiw of society's values, espically the one titled "aging and gay" it only shows one demographic, and that grouping of people are less likely to accept a Gay man or Lesbian woman, and the reason for this is a lot of elderly are stuck in their ways not all but most and even those that do accept it may just not want to cause any trouble

AV1021 said...

I do have another comment on the other article , (sorry I got a head of myself) religion is used to widely in the government of this country, just the other day my friend said he didn't really like Bush because he uses god in everyone of his speeches ( sorry for those of you who like him )he was talking about speration of church and state, now my friend didn't understand exactly what this article is saying there is a supposed to be a seperation, but like with other presidents, they are normal people and many have a strong faith in their religion, we cannot expect them to hide it, because it isnt like they are damnning another religion at the same time.