Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Advocacy Alert: Tell the CW No Never Means Yes!

from the ywca metropolitan chicago:

Tell the Media that No Never Means Yes!
In August, when the CW network announced Kevin Federline was going to guest star in a few episodes as a front man of a band called ‘No Means Yes,’ we asked the producers of the popular show One Tree Hill to change the name of the band before the season began. We thought the band name winked at sexual assault – an all too common reality for their target demographic. YWCA USA CEO Lorraine Cole, YWCA associations from Illinois and Greater Los Angeles agreed. The name of the band had to change!

But the CW is silent. Maybe they didn’t hear us. Maybe they don’t take sexual assault seriously.

For the YWCA’s Week Without Violence, send another message to the CW and tell them that No Never Means Yes!

Go to their Advocacy Action Center to send an email. Spread the word!

[and i am not exactly a disinterested party here]

update: if you need a good reason to protest, here's a guy who didn't even give women a chance to say no and raped women he met on Match.com. and he got away with it. totally gross.


jess said...

this article is seriously ridiculous. it makes you question lines in our society that really shouldn't even bear any "grey".


So shame or shock determine jury rulings? This is ridiculous...

Rape is rape, and after reading all these comments I am beginning to think that women are often more victimized than they'd like to even imagine (even by those that they tolerate)


ding said...

jess: rape is seriously underreported. women don't report rape because they know they aren't going to be believed. our culture still believes rape is just a rougher kind of sex - it's sex that gets a little out of hand or it's sex where the woman feels bad for having it (the so-called 'grey rape' that laura sessions stepp is spreading like so much manure.)

rape is almost normal behavior in our culture.