Friday, October 19, 2007

birth control = sluts

a new director of family planning has been named and this time, it's a woman. dr. susan orr used to work for the Family Research Council, a conservative organization known for its anti-birth control stances, and is now going to be in charge of family planning for low-income people.

what does dr. orr think? she thinks contraception isn't a medical necessity because 'fertility isn't a disease.' well, no shit. contraception is just something we women need to have because, otherwise, we'd be pregnant all the frakking time.

i'm truly puzzled at this administration and folks who don't see what's wrong with this picture. birth control is good. it allows a family to control its fertility; it allows a woman to determine when and if she is going to get pregnant; and when access is wide, paired with education about contraception, abortion numbers go down.

but you know what it is: birth control = sex.
when a woman is on contraception, it's a marker that sex is in the makin' and unless you're in a proper heterosexual, monogamous marriage then having sex makes you a slut. (and if you're a dude, having sex just makes you more of a dude.)

so...birth control = sex = slut.

so basically, orr's appointment is just another step in the social conservative's movement to shame/punish women who have sex.

of course, planned parenthood has sent out an alert to oppose orr's appointment.
you know what you have to do.

The Associated Press: Family-Planning Appointment Denounced


Shawna Renee said...

And not all of us on birth control are using it strictly for birth control. I've been on the pill over five years to control endometriosis. I've only been sexually active a year and a half of that (since I got married, thank you Ms. Orr. I didn't have sex just because I was on birth control, you dipwit).

The fact that people like this refuse to acknowledge that the birth control pill is used to help women stay healthy is as appalling as the points you brought out. If men had babies, birth control would be universally covered all over the world.

ding said...

another commenter somewhere else made the observation that those who are against contraception look at it through a very narrow lens - and that lens is a sexual one.

most women i know who use prescribed contraception are sexually active (and don't want to conceive) but they've also needed chemical contraception for various reasons: for mood swings, acne, endometriosis, fibroids, excessive bleeding during menstruation.

women's needs are varied and it would be nice if ideologues would sort of just step back and butt out of it.

Anonymous said...