Friday, May 11, 2007

when law school students run amok

i wonder how you'd design an experiment to see how fast it takes for a group of guys to totally devolve into a pack of Lord of the Flies-ish anti-semitic, misogynist racists with rape fantasies.

i mean, does the transformation from clean cut ordinary dude to spittle-covered savage take an average of 24 hours? two weeks? a year? or, is it just something that occurs instantaneously whenever a bunch of them gather on an anonymous chat board?

Bitch Ph.D. writes about it here.

and if any of my law grad friends are out there, have you even heard of this board? what's up with that?!


Pearl said...

Good grief, that's appalling. I can't imagine the university I work for letting students get away with that. I'm also stunned that anyone doing a graduate law degree could be quite so stupid as to make threats against anyone in a public forum. No wonder no-one wants to hire him.

ding said...

yeah. i question how smart any of these people are.