Tuesday, May 01, 2007

ah, the female gaze

it's gettin' all springtime everywhere, and i don't know about you, but my sap is running. (it's running nowhere, but that's another, more private, post.)

yesterday, the roomie (who is, incidentally, enjoying her unemployment more than a normal human being should) went to Artopolis with a girl friend of ours. she saw some awesome art and came home swooning about industrial, metal furniture that she wants for our new place (when that happens, i'll let you know) but then the swooning over furniture evaporated when she started ranting about all the female nudes all over the place:

roomie: i couldn't believe it! i mean, if i saw one more nipple i was gonna die. painting after painting, statue after statue, naked women! i mean, what the hell?! even the female artists - all their feminist painting and crap and STILL ONLY NAKED WOMEN! i started to get seriously pissed off.

ding: hm. (keeping her mouth shut because roomie gets mad when ding mentions 'patriarchy.')

roomie: for the love of god, show me some naked men! where where the naked men? oh, yeah, over by the sensual masculine gay art! arrgh! you know? and, seriously, where do they expect me to mount a wall length painting of some naked chick and her pudenda? my dining room?!

anyway, Where Sheelzebub indulges in the female gaze at Pandagon.

of course, any and all beefcake suggestions are welcome down in comments.



Jeff said...


ding said...

aw, come on, jeff. one man's 'eww' is another gal's breathless swoon.

you think all us women went to see '300' because we're interested in masculine martyrdom? i think not.

Atalanta said...

Breathlessly swooning over here, for sure.

ding said...

roomie and i watched 'inside man' over the weekend and that opening sequence with just clive owen's face. i lurve him. really. he's my boyfriend.

and so is christian bale.
uh, and so is simon pegg.

he's adorable, in that 'i'm so fair and freckled if you leave me out in the sun i will surely expire' way.

Pearl said...

I too have developed a thing for Simon Pegg, which I find confusing because objectively I don't find him at at all attractive. Nor do I find Keifer Sutherland attractive, but as Jack Bauer in 24, he makes me want to fling myself at the television and into his arms. Ahhhh.

Pleased to find you, I was beginning to think all the Christian women writing blogs were right-wing nutcase mommies....


ding said...

he makes me want to fling myself at the television and into his arms


there is also the guy who plays chief tyrol on battlestar galactica who makes me wanna get a little cuddly. and, of course, my totally inappropriate love of The Rock. The Rock makes me wanna run off to the islands somewhere and just watch the man hula. i think i'd wanna get married to don cheadle (so sly, so perverse) and that chiwetle dude? sigh. he makes me nervous.

and then there's johnny depp.

lord save me from johnny depp.

ding said...

pearl: oh, you may or may not see the mommy wing over here. whenever i write about the whole opt out thing, i get a few getting totally hysterical.

but anytime you want to indulge in completely inappropriate bad christian talk, stop on by. i'm here!

Pearl said...

Have you seen Simon Pegg in 'Spaced'? Fantastic British comedy series, bit tricky to get hold of in the US, but definitely worth it.

Feel free to pop in at my blog for Christian impropriety (and occasional grumpiness), you'd be very welcome!


Molly Malone said...

i got no issue with naked lady paintings, not naked boy paintings, but since this has turned into a pant fest ...

clive owen is mine! mine, i tell you! (slobber, slobber) as are daniel craig and naveen andrews. i could also use some of the chietwel action, too as well as some jude law and jonathan rhys whatsisname. and the young Cary Elwes. slurpy, yummy. and Ewan McGregor.

don't know what it is about english actors that do it for me. probably that they're not just eye candy, but genuinely talented.

ding, i know what you mean about tyrol on BSG. he's adorable. but as for battlestar guys, what can i say? lee adama in a heartbeat. i guess that's the pure animal in me!

teehee! thanks for giving us a silly girl outlet!

ding said...

i don't know...lee adama's reaction to stress worries me: he's either a total control freak or he goes on a food bender. it's gaeta or chief. or both. (everytime gaeta is onscreen i go, hee! and my friends laugh at my ridiculousness.)

there's not enough silly girl outlet, if you ask me.