Friday, September 08, 2006

what's a girl to wear?

so as the weather cools out, a girl's thoughts naturally turn to Fall fashion. i love this time of year - back to 'school', tights, pumps, sweaters and jackets, smooth hair, plum lipstick. last year i went with Sexy Librarian.

this year it has been recommended that i go with The Tailored Tomboy.

or, as i like to put it: The Sexy Librarian's Sexy Butch Cousin.

it's a recommendation that comes just in time for the new boy - uh, man - who's suddenly appeared on the Ding scene. heh.

(i need a name for him...something that conveys HunkyTallStrappingBroadArtyCrunchyGranolaFurnitureMaker Man. something like Paul Bunyan but less...rustic.)


Anonymous said...

I just had to share this with you. Remember when Patriarch called you weak for moderating? Well, he has a big hero named Bane who is moderating me because I called him out after he called himself a Christian and that he loves porn, and think women are "f@#&ing stupid". Manly when men moderate but weak when women do it?

ding said...

yeah. good enough for them but 'uppity' or weak when we do it.

you know, i left all of Happy Mom's rambling pseudo-comments up, even though each one of them made my blood pressure jump at least two points. and i left a nonsensical Patriarch comment up that said all women doctors suck and drive up the cost of insurance (of course, based solely on his neanderthalic experience of having gone to the doctor 2x in his life, or something like that.)

so i'm sorta happy with the way i 'moderate'. i can't believe you go to his website. how can you stand it??

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm...good question...I guess just for a good husband has read him and tells me that he is in a mental hospital that gives him net access.

ding said...

ok, you totally made me blow coffee all over my desk with that one.

KariS said...

In my head I'm already calling the new man "Aidan Shaw" after Chris in the Morning's tall, strapping, furniture making, cabin in the woods having character on Sex and the City.

ding said...

i never thought i'd say this, but cabin in the woods is good.

myste said...

my first thought was aiden shaw as well. i second the motion