Wednesday, September 27, 2006


after a hard week at work (yes, it's only wednesday) there is nothing i like more than to zone out. i especially like zoning out when the political news of the day gives me gas. so in recognition of the CMOS going online with a subscription, here's their Q&A section, where you can zone out while pondering the correct usage of its.

Chicago Manual of Style - Q&A

(i saw its used three times incorrectly today and it drove me nuts.)


Anonymous said...

thought Patriarch was bad? Read this perv!

Anonymous said...

This will help her too

"but, I happened to love men" yeah right! Snort, snort, and SNORT!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

check out where patriarch is getting his latest the Jews are out to get him!

ding said...

i've long suspected that PV was on the fringe and that's where he'll remain.

Molly Malone said...

Okay, I didn't visit any more than the first suggested blog. Wow. That's ... scary.

Anonymous said... I've given up on this poor dude:

Who has finally and officially gone to the darkside as a cohort of Patriarch.

ding said...

enough with them.

with the events of the past two weeks - two nutjob men directly specific violence against girls - i'm not in a very patient place when it comes to these freaking crazy men who hate women. i'm not.

get therapy, get on meds - just don't come here.

really. i've had enough.
their ideas are delusional, they harbor sick fantasies of control and violence against women and i've had enough indulging their ideas here. this is a feminist space and i'm not going to give anymore air to Patriarch or his ilk. i mean, has anyone read what that guy in pennsylvania was planning to do with those girls? how much do you have to hate yourself, hate women and girls to do that?

frak 'em.

i mean, really. would we be friends with these guys? would we let them in our social circle, near our friends and family? no. the odor of their mental imbalance would make us cringe and cross the street.

so frak 'em.

they post here - they're gone.
links to their sites - gone.

let's just leave them in those dank basements where they belong.

ding said...

'direct specific violence' not 'directly specific'.


Anonymous said...

Wow! she actually corrected herself! I know, we all make mistakes.

Anonymous said...

You are right Church Gal. There are 2 truths about men of this ilk:
1.) They feed off negative comments like vampires.
2.) They visit sites they consider "feminist" and then stir up trouble...then direct others of their kind to your blog.

The most damaging thing we could ever do to them would be to never comment of their blogs and never allow their comments on ours...