Tuesday, September 26, 2006

hide that diaphragm, ladies.

i think i just got heartburn.

no longer just a hidden paranoia amongst the pro-choice, the new evangelical 'war' on contraception has finally broken the surface. i knew it would happen.

i love all the space given to the anti-family planning side while the pro-family planning side is given just a few inches toward the end, legitimizing the idea that people (mostly women) shouldn't have the right to use contraception.

Abortion foes' new rallying point | Chicago Tribune

all those married ladies on the pill or using the sponge, diaphragm or IUD? forget it.
all those married guys who don't want to get a vasectomy and so use condoms? too bad.
everyone else who doesn't want to get pregnant (for various reasons) and who don't believe the same as others about the place of sex in a relationship (or out of one)? yeah, too bad.

sex is only for married folks, people. the fundies have said so.
and now they're going to FORCE you to be celibate.

whether you like it or not.

update: want some stats on men, the 'male pill' and their usage of contraception? here's something from planned parenthood -

Ask Dr. Cullins: Birth Control

Q: How soon will it be before there's a pill for men?
A: There are still years to go, although there seem to be breakthroughs in the research every once in a while. Finding a safe and effective way to keep a man from producing millions of sperm a day has proven to be more difficult than it is to keep a woman from producing one egg a month.
However long it takes, it will be worthwhile. Men are very willing to take responsibility for birth control, even though there are comparatively few options for them. In fact, men now take responsibility for more than a third of all contraception. More than 20 percent of all couples who use contraception rely on the condom. Nearly 11 percent rely on vasectomy. Three percent rely on withdrawal. And more than two percent rely on periodic abstinence.


Anonymous said...

These fundamentalists are morons. Nothing will come of it. Just because they're sexually repressed doesn't mean the rest of us are. I mean, for blank's sake, even Catholics know better. This is yet another classic example of how fundamentalism stops a thinking mind.

ding said...

well, not all evangelicals think alike. (just wanna throw that out there...)

but, yes. there's an aspect of this 'movement' that's really illogical. contraception isn't just used by single fornicators; it's used by couples, by married couples, as well. without it family planning is impossible.

we can choose where we want to live.
we can choose where we want to work.
but we shouldn't be able to choose whether or not to start a family?

who do these people think they are?

Zan said...

Clearly, they think they're God. Or at least God's hands on Earth.

I gave up trying to make sense of fundamentalists a long time ago. I was raised by them, in the middle of them and there is only so much one person can take.

Anonymous said...


Where here you go.

Robert said...

I debated a guy on a radio show awhile back about contraception he claimed it was sin and *frustrating God* he also claimed the only *proper* method for birth control was the *rhythm method* to which the host and i replied... you know whatthey call people who use the rhythm method??? PARENTS!!! I am an evngelical btw and you sure do a great job showing the wide range of diversity on here glad i found you!!!