Friday, May 26, 2006

the obvious and the gay

over here is a study that says that poorer americans may be more stressed out than others.


(h/t: Shakespeare's Sister)

in honor of this city's IML festival, i'll probably post something later about the FMPA again. it's time. again.

but i'll have to do it later. i need to get a mani/pedi.


jesus chick said...

what is an IML festival and who or what is the FMPA?

ding said...

oh, every year people from all over the world descend on chicago for the annual International Mr. Leather weekend. it's actually quite discreet. they have workshops, speakers, demonstrations, exhibitions, networking opportunities, they go sight's like any other convention except everyone's in chaps.

the FMPA = Federal Marriage Protection Act.

Anonymous said...

I once read a study, written by UC doctors, about how folks w/o health insurance are more prone to poor health than those who have such insurance. Ironically, I read said article while waiting for lab technicians to calculate the cost of blood work I needed done. Why did I need to know the cost? I didn't have health insurance then! *sigh* It's a no brainer that poor people are more stressed out. I've been there. My spouse and I were part of the dot com crash, so we've been poor and then some.

International Mr Leather? Hmm. Here in the Bay Area, we have the Folsom Street Fair which is a similar event. BDSM booths, leathermen galore. Lots of topless women. Wholesome, alternative-family fun. :)

ding said...

IML was low key this year. i think everyone is saving their energy for the Games later this summer.

more wholesome fun!