Wednesday, May 03, 2006

missing the good stuff

this is what happens when you spend the entire weekend watching season 1 of Battlestar Galactica - you miss stephen colbert ripping the president a new one. to his face.

it rocks. it's uncomfortable. it makes you squirm. you want to look away. you can't believe he's saying it. and then you're glad he said it.

full transcript is at the end and if you can stand the video, you can catch it at crooks & liars. priceless!

The Blog Chris Durang: Ignoring Colbert, Part Two The Huffington Post


Anonymous said...

I personally thought Colbert's was B O R I N G.(nothing to do with my politics) Maybe that is why no one mentioned his performance?

john patrick said...

I wasn't so much watching it as a performance, as I was watching a man speak on behalf of millions of americans who would love to give "W is for Women!" an earful.

Anyway, forget that! BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA IS AWESOME. Have you seen season two yet?

The show has two or three episodes of subplots and character development, and then suddenly there will be an episode of PLOT! where the entire world goes crazy. Also, they're all pretty sexy.

I can't wait until October when season three starts.

(I should say something smart about monotheism and fundamentalism as portrayed in the show. But I have grades due.)

KariS said...

I have season 2.1 of Battlestar Galactica if you want to see it, Ding. And I'll be buying 2.2 as soon as it is out. Frackin' brilliant.
And I agree with everything john patrick has to say on both topics.
As to Colbert=boring? Only boring to the extent that truth is boring - and it has been in such short supply in certain circles (all gathered conveniently together to "congratulate themselves on being masters of the universe") that its appearance before the august assemblage was - well - shocking, awe-inspiring, jaw dropping.

ding said...

the guy over at kung fu money ( has a great post about how, sometimes, the audience is irrelevant to great comedy.

it's a really great post because of the way it talks about the technical aspects of comedy and about something i remember a professor calling 'arete' - craft.

sometimes, it's not about the yuks.

(karis - i promised roomie i wouldn't see the second season until she got back. pooh.)