Thursday, June 01, 2006

it's been a while...

but here are the highlights:
the guy i dumped back in january came back and, surprisingly, i rejected him again! some things are left better to die.
yes, i will be going to new york with my dad at the end of the summer. (and new jersey!)
yes, i've been working my arse off.
no, i don't think i'll ever have fun again.

and my sister, cruel cruel wench that she is, said to me recently, "You might as well get used to saying you're 37 now. It's right around the corner." Thus plunging me into a startling and deep pit of anger/depression - depranger. bitch!

off for drinks at NoMi with some presbyterians.


lunalibre said...

Well, I've been 37 for over 6 months and I haven't yet died of embarrassment. You'll be fine :-).

And good for you for re-dumping Mr. Wrong. I'm sure it wasn't easy, but there was no sense going there again. I just watched a Ron White comedy video over the weekend, and "you can't fix stupid." Now I'm not saying the guy was stupid! I'm saying that no amount of "fixing" is going to turn Mr. Wrong into Mr. Right, and it's good that you recognized that. Just keep yourself open to all possibilities (except him!), and God might surprise you.

Be good to yourself this weekend!

Molly Malone said...

I've always felt like 37 was such a pretty number!

If you'll embrace 37, then I'll embrace 30.

ding said...

mr. wrong was so very wrong.

i tried telling him what i needed and he just kept saying, 'i don't get it.' argh!

i will embrace 37. it will be fabulous. i go through this every year and every year i survive it and have a marvelous time. i will admit that my trepidation about my age is about my insecurity about my appeal to the opposite sex. sigh. terribly un-feminist. but there i am. craven for attention.

(actually, not that craven.)

and 30 is going to rock, molly. rawk.

john patrick said...


Woman, you is hella old.

ding said...

you suck.