Friday, February 24, 2006

so every so often i go on technorati just to see who links here (big wave to all 18 of y'all!) and in my vanity trolling i stumbled across this french anti-feminist men's rights site! they linked to me! somewhere! once!

how funny is that?!
i have to go to bed but i can't stop giggling.


Josh said...

"On one issue at least, men and women agree: they both distrust women."???

Umm, congrats on the link, I guess.

ding said...

i know. it's a dubious distinction. but it amuses me.

john patrick said...

how do you use technorati to find out who links to you? do you just put your blog name in the search line?

ding said...

yes. if you type in your blog's url in the Search URL thingie, all sorts of interesting links will pop up.

Molly Malone said...

i distrust pantyhose.

poor french men! no wonder these dudes are anti-feminist. they're still reeling from the pansy reputation they've had after their bout of global domination in a period of brocade coats, perfectly coiffed wigs and crotched collars. sure, gascons, hate the women: that'll restore your rep.

ding said...

have you watched french action movies? the over the top testosterone levels are...over the top.
what's that actor's name, um, vince cassel!

total freakage.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if have linked to you is:
1- You have not a clue whats the rantings are about....or
2- Your voluntary blindness makes
you a stereotype of the spoiled manipulative little...... (put any word appropriate to you case)cast.
The injection of victimology into history allows women to cast themselves as morally superior to us violent and oppressive men.


ding said...

no, my voluntary blindness just means i don't read french.
and your words here just show how funny it is there's a link between us.


Anonymous said...

As you can see...english is also on my blog...


ding said...

whatever, dude.
i have no interest in getting into whatever you so clearly want to get into.

it's just amusing.