Thursday, August 18, 2005


has been heating up so much that my father left a voicemail on my cell phone and said, if you don't return my call i will get on a plane and fly out to chicago to check up on you.

so, of course, i returned his call.

but all this is to say that i'm working hard at this social do-gooding thing and loving every single minute of it. (it also helps to work for two really great women.) i passed my 90-day review with flying colors; i believe the words 'glowing performance' were actually used.

i don't usually gloat over things like this but i have to admit that this fits. what i'm doing right now feels right to me (and it feels so good i barely feel the 15k paycut i took.)

if only there was a boy that makes me feel like

in other news, i am the newest member on the Board of Directors for a non-profit whose work on women and employment is really good and valuable. i had been recommended by a woman doing consulting work for us and after a few meetings with a current board member and a couple of staffers, they invited me and i accepted. my schedule is about to become less free, but it's worth it. in deaconship, i'm on a couple of committees and our sessions are about to ramp up. soon, i'll be too busy to think about boys.

(this period of my life reminds me of the time in grad school when i was leading the union, building the dept's new interdepartmental composition curricula, writing my dissertation, teaching and drinking every night at the pub. everything is the same except the drinking every night. my body can't take that anymore.)

and i finished writing another chapter of the Worst Romance Novel Ever.

thank you, Lord, for this period of productivity and opprotunity in my life.


Bob said...

congrats on the review --the non profit work may offer less money (that's where I've been my whole career) - but you get to keep your soul, so there's a plus.

LutheranChik said...

You go, girl! :-D

I remember when I first discovered your blog, when you were still trying to decide if the nonprofit route was the right path for you. I think you've just gotten a big affirmation that it is! Congratulations.

ding said...

thank you, thank you. i remember how agonizing that period was, too. i know what the word vocation feels like, now.

jesus chick said...

and i prayed for you! do you still think your vocation is a trivial matter to god? no way!

ding said...


yes, i can see now that some things may not be as trivial as i thought.


and thanks for the shout out. really. that was unexpected.