Tuesday, August 02, 2005

effing brilliant: banning birth control

Minnesota Daily : Protecting women's reproductive rights on college campuses

i thought we had at least a few years until the right started going after birth control with wild abandon, but this was faster than expected: banning the dispensing of birth control at a university hospital.

what. the. hell.
'birth control leads to promiscuity'?

these are adult women who can make up their own minds and don't need a legislature telling them they're not supposed to have sex (and if they do, tough shit.)

so let's keep a running tally of the conservative wish list for women:

no rape counseling
no information about contraception
no emergency contraception
no regular contraception
no access to abortion, should pregnancy occur
no pregnancy counseling, should someone decide to go with it

what's more likely to happen: women stop having sex or women start getting pregnant and catching diseases? women stop having sex or women drop out of college because they're pregnant and can't deal? women stop having sex or...what?

what?! i SO don't get it!

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LutheranChik said...

The Handmaid's Tale is coming to life.

How much does it cost to emigrate to...oh...New Zealand?

zeke said...

Well, if I'm reading the jeezoid agenda correctly, women won't be raped.

By strangers.

They'll remain dutifully at home, silent, and perpetually available for proper Xtian insemination so that they may serve God as vessels for bringing more Xtians into the world which the Kons hope to destroy in the most fiery, unpleasant way possible.


ding said...

i just wish the right would just come out and say what it is they want instead of these piecemeal signs of the coming insanity.

get it all out and then let's hash it out.

greg said...

It costs about $300 to apply for permission to emigrate to New Zealand. I did it in March and was accepted. But after discussions w/ my wife we decided that that really wasn't the way to go. Lots of Germans did that in the 1930's and it didn't turn out well. I figure we owe it to ourselves and the rest of the world to stay and fight, pretty much no matter how it turns out. Not a happy thought but there it is.

ding said...

how about canada? i could totally learn french!

greg said...

Doesn't it get cold in Canada? I mean, colder than in Texas?

ding said...

dude. i live in chicago. i can handle cold.

jesus chick said...

you can't legislate morality.
btw, i live in minnesota and it gets pretty freakin' cold!

ding said...

no, we can't, but apparently that's not stopping anyone.

yeah, minnesota's cold. like, nose hair freezing cold. is canada colder than minnesota? (ok, just had a southern california city girl moment there. never mind.)

dorsey said...

maybe if women stopped having sex with conservatives, they'd change their tune.

ding said...


you know, we can learn a lot from the greeks.

The Un-Apologetic Atheist said...

The problem is, as long as we are teaching young women (girls) that their goal in life should be the "white wedding" to the "Knight in Shining Armor" etc, they're going to keep confusing the conservative male's traditionalism, which he exhibits because it empowers his patriarchal social position, with being a "good choice."

The problem is that we're intentionally teaching our young women to be "dutifully at home, silent, and perpetually available" as Zeke put it. It's a good plan, if you want to breed an army of laborers and conquerers. It's not a good plan if you want a sustainable, educated, egalitarian society. The system works for those men because it hands them power and control, and works for those women because it lets them conform to what they are taught is the "proper" way for a woman to be.

Stepford, Handmaid, etc, were written decades ago, for good reason. I think the authors would cry if they saw how far we have come, and how quickly we are regressing.