Tuesday, August 23, 2005

shut up, pat robertson

you're making us look like nutjobs.

there are some days you want to believe that some people have immense mental issues that could just be solved with a steady dose of lithium.

and then there are other days when you think, sadly, no they really believe the shite they're peddling.

(brief background for those who can't understand why we have a jones for venezuela. chavez opposes the oppressive elites in his country; guess who we support?)


sally said...

Holy Sheesh!!!! Does that fart smell!!!!

greg said...

Check out this article (especially the second paragraph) for some useful perspective on Robertson's remark. Basically this is nothing new, either for him or other right-wing pundits. If they were mullahs in Great Britain they would be deported.

sojourness said...

lol seriously... he does make Christians look like nutjobs. It's sad.

Pastor John said...

You see; I've said it time and time again. . . preachers need very long vacations. . . someone ought to take this cat to the zoo!