Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What's At Stake: Demand Justice for Linda

When I hear from someone that feminism is meaningless, pointless, anti-male, godless, and passé, I think of stories like this one. He brutalized her because he could get away with it – he was wealthy, privileged and male in a society that recognizes his privilege while ignoring her own legal subjectivity.

Hers is not an isolated incident; all over the world women are victimized because they are women and, as such, are politically disenfranchised. This legal and institutional blank that women are is what feminism seeks to fill in, redress.

She is why feminism exists.

[via bitch]

(edited for clarity)


bitchphd said...

Was he her "partner"? My impression is that it was a kidnapping. Although you're right, the article doesn't say--and it does say he had tortured a former "partner." How horrific...

ding said...

ah, the syntax of that sentence was a little wonky. i thought they had been partners and he attacked her and then accused her of being a prostitute.