Thursday, June 16, 2005

on the couch

Going to the Therapist En Route to the Altar - New York Times

i don't know why i'm posting this...i guess to get away from the women in ministry thing. bad taste in my mouth.

(thanks, dad!)


Songbird said...

I take the premarital counseling part of working on a wedding very seriously. I wish my first husband and I had gotten some! We were married by a relative of mine, and he just planned a service with us, didn't do any premarital work at all.
As I pointed out to the couple I'm working with now, they need to be able to make the case that it's a good idea for me (or anyone) to perform the ceremony!

ding said...

i totally agree.

though i'm not a get-married type IF the impossible happens and i actually decide to get hitched to someone who doesn't piss me off, i'd insist on pre-marital counseling. and, i'd seriously take the advice given. hard to believe, but yeah, i would.