Thursday, June 09, 2005

did you get the memo? did you?

Democracy For America

in case there's anyone out there who still thinks this whole iraq situation was warranted, here's the memo that pretty much calls 'bullshit' on that.


reverendmother said...

Yes, why is this not getting more coverage here in the US??

greg said...

It's not getting coverage because most Americans don't care. All my conservative friends (and I live in Texas so I have plenty) know the administration lied, and they don't care. They like George Bush, they like a macho America. The rest is beside the point. The problem is not George Bush or Dick Cheney or the pro-business media or Donald Rumsfeld or Karl Rove or any of that. The problem is the American people. They are not being bamboozled, they are voting for what they want.

Sure, there will be hell to pay, but the conservatives are not going to believe that until they see it. In one conversation I likened our current situation to that of the Germans in the 1930's and 40's. Although Hitler had to cheat a bit to get elected in 1933, but 1936 Hitler and the Nazis would have won in a landslide had there been another election. And the Germans knew exactly what was going on. It was only once the bombs started dropping on Berlin that they began to fully understand that if you choose to behave badly, there are *always* bad consequences. So I asked my friends "Will it require 'bombs dropping on Berlin' for you to admit that you are wrong?" The answer, quite seriously, was yes.

ding said...

for those of us who agitated against the war and this administration's foreign policies, it's a bitter victory to know you've been proven right.

no one seems to accept the fact that what we, as a nation, have been forced to do is criminal. we love living in denial and our media is only too happy to help keep us in fairyland since, they too, beat the drum for war and now can't admit they were wrong.